HOLLENFELS - Fortress (60/90 min.)

Hollenfels Castle is probably one of the most famous castles in the country and forms part of the "Valley of the Seven Castles". Perched on a rocky spur at a height of 315 m, Hollenfels Castle – overlooks the narrow Eisch Valley, offering impressively beautiful views. It is worth exploring this castle more closely during a guided tour.

  • - Remains of the medieval defense tower
  • - Rare, baroque entrance portal
  • - Perched on a rocky spur at a height of 315m
  • - Today, the medieval castle is a national protected monument

Guided tour of 60 or 90 minutes. According to the customer's requests.

Duration60 or 90 Minutes
Bring along

Please wear suitable shoes, adapt clothing to weather conditions and bring your ticket.

Participantsmin. 1 - max. 10 persons (due to COVID-19)

Further information

Hollenfels Castle is made up of a keep, which is nearly 40 m high, an angular tower, a curtain wall and a main residential building.

It can be reached by a brick bridge leading over the defensive ditch. Youth hostel and ecological centre on the domain of Hollenfels Castle.

Duration: 60 or 90 minutes (according to the customer's request)
Number of participants: min. 1 - max. 10 (due to COVID-19)
Price: 70,00€ for 60 minutes or 85,00€ for 90,00 minutes (groupe price: 1-10 persons)


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